Maybelline Color Show Trend Effects - Holographic & Polka Dots

Melissa heard about Maybelline releasing Trend Effects polishes including "Holographic" and "Polka Dots" a few weeks ago. Since then I've been stopping by the beauty section at every Walmart I visit, impatiently waiting for them. Finally I spotted them yesterday.

At the cheap price of $2.97 I bought two of the "Holographics" and one "Polka Dots". The two holographic polishes I bought were "Lavender Lustre" and "Mystic Green". (Note: The lighting made the lavender look silver in the bottle, but it looks more like lavender.)

I did two coats of Lavender Lustre, here they are in order:

Lavender Lustre One Coat

Lavender Lustre Two Coats

I did two coats of Mystic Green, here they are in order:

Mystic Green One Coat

Mystic Green Two Coats

And the Polka Dots color I bought was "Clearly Spotted", the black/white glitter polish.

I did three coats of this, here they are in order:

One coat of "Clearly Spotted"

Two coats of "Clearly Spotted"

Three coats of "Clearly Spotted"


Holographic -- The holographic polishes are not truly holographic like the Layla, Julep and even the China Glaze I've tried. Melissa read somewhere that these were actually duochrome instead. I'd classify them more as a metallic polish with fine glitter. But as you can tell, they do require at least two coats of polishes. Most metallics I get are full coverage with one coat. However at $2.97 a bottle, they're pretty damn nice whatever you call them.

Polka Dots -- The color I bought definitely requires a base coat. It's clear with black and white glitter of varied sizes. It seems the other colors cover better than this one--check out Melissa's post on the Jade color to see what I mean. And like most glitters, this is not fun to remove.


  1. I almost bought Clearly Spotted! Might have to buy that lavender, it's pretty :D

  2. *slaps forehead* I should have realized it was clear from the name

    1. lol I didn't realize until you just pointed it out