Julep - December Box

For December's Julep box, I ordered on a few add-ons and earned a freebie (the plumping lip primer).

Here's what I got:

  • Polish - Logan
  • Polish - Nell
  • Polish - Sawyer
  • Dancing Lipstick Mini Trio
  • Blank canvas lip plumping primer
  • Oxygen performance top coat

The swatch above is as follows:
Pinky - 1 coat of Logan
Ring finger - 1 coat of Nell
Middle finger - 1 coat of Sawyer
Index finger - 2 coats of Logan


  1. Digging the colors! Logan darkens up quite fast with 2 coats though, that's crazy.

    1. I know! I get so irritated with some of their polish because they're not really 1 coat polishes (and I prefer those...since I stamp)

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