BoxyCharm December Box

This month's BoxyCharm was a big one!

Unfortunately I had no time to test anything out, hence why it's January 18th and you're just now seeing the box.

On top of that, the lip color isn't in my range, I don't use hairspray, and I gave the brush to a friend. That leaves the coastal scents palette. I will eventually try it out. As usual, if it's super awesome, I'll do another post about it.


  1. Holy! That's a good box. I'd be interested to see how pigmented the palette is, looks like it has quite a few pretty colors. Reminds me of the Naked palettes

    1. I think it got lost in a box somewhere when I reorganized my closet and I forgot that I needed to do something with it *hangs head* I'll find it one of these days, but yeah it reminded me of the Naked2 I have, plus maybe the Naked1?