Julep - October Box

This month I personalized my box and got the following for $24.99:

  • Julep Nail Color - Nancy (left)
  • Julep Nail Color - Ledi (right)
  • Night Shift Sleeping Mask

Here's a swatch of Ledi:

Here's a swatch of Nancy:

I haven't had a chance to try the mask yet. Ledi looked pretty much like black with perhaps a latex-like effect. Since I already have a black latex that looks much better than this, Ledi isn't interesting enough to keep. It will go in an upcoming giveaway. I haven't made up my mind about Nancy yet. I think I already have a sage metallic. We'll see...

I haven't been loving the color options with Julep for a long time, and have been leaning toward the makeup products instead of polishes. Then the makeup products end up sitting on my table unopened, or used once because they can't displace the other products I've come to love. I'll likely use up my next box credit (I had to prepay for three months of personalized boxes), and then cancel.

Are you a Julep subscriber? How have you been liking your boxes?


  1. Both are awesome & yay for giveaways!

    Btw loved all the lip candy you sent me, it's all I've been using. The red was my favorite, it's perfect! Thanks again!!

    1. Ooh, I'm glad there was at least one color in the bunch you could use!