BoxyCharm October Box - Unboxing

After last month's broken palette, leaking perfume & slow as molasses shipping, I was prepared for another BoxyCharm mishap this month. Scroll on to find out how October turned out for me.

First off, it's October 18th, and the box just arrived. The shipping has sped up at the very least. So that's good.

This month's theme is "Bewitched". I love Halloween and witchy things, so let's see if this box lives up to the theme.

Here's what was under the postcards.

I wondered if that big ol' palette was all that was there (granted it's pretty big, so that could have been cool). Picking it up and turning it over showed me this:

Hooray! More products *dances*

Here they are outside of the protective pouch:

The line-up

  • Palmetto Derma - COLLAGEN BOOSTER & RESTORATION SERUM (full-sized) $48
  • Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette full-sized $19.95
  • cult/commerce nail polish “Shady” collection full-sized $21 (though these bottles are pretty tiny)
  • Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow “Pistol” full-sized $14
  • Starlooks Ultra Gem Pencils “Olive” full-sized $14

Here are close-ups (with a quarter for scale) of a few of the products:


While I'm not sure they hit the mark with "Bewitching" apart from the nail polish, for $21, there's a lot of good stuff in this box. And nothing was broken or leaking this month. Overall, I'm pleased with this service and will likely continue my subscription.

Did you get BoxyCharm this month? How did you like it?

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  1. Not bad!! Love that they're all full size. The gem liners are pretty for a pencil.Look at that value of the box, holy guacamole.