Deals Spotted at Burlington Coat Factory: Pop Beauty, Ciaté, Nyx

MG and I headed over to Burlington Coat Factory today on the hunt for a winter coat for him. While they hadn't gotten any/many in yet, they did have a pretty good selection of make-up deals in stock. Here is what I spotted besides the usual selection of Elf palettes and other no-name brand sets.

Ciaté caviar mini bar volume 2, $9.99, regularly $25

Ciaté's Chalkboard Manicure, $9.99, regularly $25

Ciaté's Dolls House Collection, $9.99, regularly $25

Ciaté's Flower Manicure, $9.99, regularly $25

Sparitual Set, $9.99, regularly $25

Pop Beauty Rouge Mix & Lucky Lids ($7.99, reg $10)

Nyx Set ($9.99, reg $19.99)

I think these are are eyeshadow singles but I can't find this set or singles that look like this anymore to be able to tell you for sure.

Wet n Wild, Elf, & Revlon sets (I didn't write the prices down, sorry!)

Have you spotted any deals are your local stores? Let us know!


  1. Holy! I <3 Spa Ritual!! I've been wanting to try out the Ciate stuff. Saw it at TJMaxx a few weeks ago but they had opened it up and all that junk :/ Will have to stop by Burlington soon.

  2. I used the glitter polish you gave me, I failed to take a photo (intentionally because I gave myself a bad mani). Will do a better job next time.