Boxycharm - September Box - Unboxing

Based on a YouTube video I watched a few weeks ago, I decided to try out a new subscription service: Boxycharm. This one is for $21 a month. That's a bit higher than the Ipsy I'm used to, but I was willing to try it at least once.

I signed up on 9/4, as of the 21st I hadn't heard anything and my order was still listened as "Paid". I went ahead and emailed their customer service because the site said the boxes would ship between 5 to 10 business days after paying. The 21st was definitely after 10 business days.

They replied on the 23rd saying they'd mail me a new box and to keep the original box if it arrived. That sounded like a great deal and stellar customer service. I was pleased. On the 25th I received tracking, and the box arrived on the 29th.

I was so excited!

Here's the unboxing of it:

The box is so flattering!

There's not a lot of breathing room in there. Efficient or...?

Here's a full-sized Essie bottle for size comparison.

Here are the products inside (still in the boxes):

I did what I always do, I pulled the products out of their boxes so I could get a photo with them all lined up, unboxed, unboxed.

The spritz perfume had leaked a bit in its plastic bag, but it wasn't too bad. I wiped it down inside and out.

But uuuuhhh oh, this doesn't look good:

As I feared, one of the shadows cracked. Actually three of them cracked (three on the top row, starting from the right).

I prevailed though and got the shot! Unfortunately some of the cracked pigment is still overflowing on the bottom.

Here's the list of what was inside:

  • tarte LipSurgen lip gloss - "exposed" - $19
  • Coastal Scents Go Palette - Beijing - $12.95
  • NCLA Nail Lacquer - "Model Behavior" - $16
  • Tarina Tarantino - Fleur de Lash Mascara - Limited Edition - $19
  • Hello by Harvey Prince spritz - $29

I haven't decided if I'm going to contact customer service about the cracked shadows or not. The other products look like they're going to be good, and they're all full-sized. The box is a good value, but the cracked shadows worry me. I don't want all that pigment floating around in my purse.

Regardless of how it turns out, I'll try another month.


  1. Nice box!! Sad about the cracked shadows though :( I'd email them and let them know, maybe they'll send you another, or give you points or something.

    1. I am trying to contact them now.
      This is kind of nice, and kind of meh, it says:
      "If you are contacting us about as damaged item, please attach a photo of your damaged item to receive a replacement in your next box :D"

    2. I'm betting a lot of people are claiming theirs is broken when it's not just to get it replaced lol

    3. Yeah, I'm completely cool about having to upload a picture. What I'm a little disappointed about is that I have to shell out another $21 for the next box just to get my damaged product from THIS one replaced.

    4. Yeah, that's kind of crappy of them :/