May LootCrate

My LootCrate came in the mail today, the theme this month is Adventure. That sparks Minecraft and Zelda to my mind, and surprisingly I was right!

1) Zen Monkey Studios - Zelda TShirt
Loved this, boyfriend took it as soon as he saw it. I'll take it back after he wears it once and forgets it ;)
2) Adventure Time Tins - Blind Box - Some dude with a beard
No clue what this is but the tin is super cute. I'm already stashing some of my stuff on my desk in it.
3) Minecraft Hanger - Blind Box - Skeleton
Boyfriend claimed this one too haha He likes Minecraft and loves keychains
4) Stickers
I don't want stickers
5) More Stickers
I really don't want stickers!!! Unless they're of TRex or unicorns with glitter and wigs...
6) Temporary Tattoos
Maybe I'll do this to boyfriend's forehead when he's asleep one night... Hmm...
7) The Friend Zone Soundtrack
No clue what this is.
8) Loot Crate Labs - Zelda Bottle Cap Opener
Boyfriend claimed this. I don't really drink so I won't use it, but it is cute!


  1. lol I was going to ask you about the soundtrack. Never mind. What did you do with the tattoo?

    1. Still have it but haven't listened to it. Still dunno what it is lol. The tattoo bf claimed, which means it's probably sitting on his desk for awhile before he throws it away.