Lime Crime Velvetine - Pink Velvet

I'm a fan of the brighter toned pink lip products, but I hate reapplying throughout the day. So my favorite product to use is a lip stain that doesn't transfer and last for hours.

Lime Crime Velvetine - Pink Velvet $20
I purchased this on Black Friday last year and I can honestly say this is my go to lip product. It's perfect for when I want something that lasts and adds a nice pop of color. I've seen a lot of people say that it accentuates dry spots on their lips, I personally haven't had that big issue with this but it is something you might need to take added steps to avoid (ie: exfoliate your lips).

This dries matte and stays there for quite awhile. The only issue I've noticed is when I eat something it gets messy and smears. But other than that it doesn't budge.


  1. ooh I love it! That looks perfect on you.

    1. Thanks!! <333 You're sweet. It's probably my most used lip product :)