Biore Pore Strips

I bought some Biore Pore Strips today and my boyfriend was intrigued. Since he rarely lets me do anything skincare to him, I jumped at the chance to get him to try it out. He even took pictures so I could post his results. It's gross, so if you're not prepared for that click off haha.

He kept telling me that it was getting hard on his nose.

The big reveal... I wasn't surprised to see a lot on his strip since he had never done this before.

Have you tried pore strips before? Let me know if you have a favorite brand and I'll check them out next time!

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaaha! Wow good pore cleaning there!

    I have tried this and Biore is the only one I use. It's great, I agree but I still need a serious facial.