Sephora Eyelash Accessories

In December I tried applying false eyelashes with cheap glue and my fingers. It did not turn out well. So I ordered the tweezer-like unitasker specifically for eyelashes as well as the Duo adhesive (in dark). I'm managing my expectations because I'm almost certain I'm the problem, not the glue ;)

There was a clearance sale going on so I also grabbed a tube of lipstick in "chocolate" for something like $3.

And then on my way home from the airport last weekend I also found a pair of Ardell Accent lashes for under $3 on clearance at Target.

Here's the finished product, and my first real attempt at wearing false eyelashes for a night out:

They're not on perfectly but they look a hell of a lot better than my other attempts. I think its because these are half/accent lashes instead of full lashes. 

I'll definitely be using this look again as well as the unitasker and the Duo glue.


  1. My, what pretty eyeballs you have! :)

  2. Ditto! Pretty eyeballs! I'm not a big fan of half lashes, as I like a more full look, but they look nice on you :)


  3. pretty eyes! I tried fake lashes I almost glued my lids together. I'm a hopeless case.

    1. I was hopeless too until I tried those accent lashes. Hopefully practice will make perfect and I'll be able to try out the fancy lashes I'm now hoarding :D