Julep February Box - Bombshell

For this month I switched up my style profile from my polish-heavy "It Girl" because I wanted this month's product. I also really wanted a holo so I picked "Bombshell"

Here's what came in my box:
  • Oxygen Nail Treatment
  • Ginger (beige holographic) 
  • Laura (olive creme)
  • EXTRA - Freedom Polymer Topcoat
  • EXTRA - Eye lash curler
  • EXTRA - Candy hearts ;)
A closer look at the products:

I pre-ordered the Freedom Top Coat back in December so I already had an open bottle. It's not bad. I don't think its worth the extra money beyond other salon-type top coats. It doesn't set particularly fast ( it suggests you wait 5 minutes). And it has chipped within days. Definitely not gel-like as it promises. But it does have a nice glossy finish.

I've yet to try the Oxygen treatment because it suggest you not use it with any other polish and I was too eager to try out the holographic polish. As always, if I find the oxygen treat is amazing, I'll dedicate an entire post to it :)

A closer look at the polishes:

A closer look at the lash curler:

To be honest I've never really understood this whole lash curling concept.

Here are a few shots of the polishes. I usually do at least a few nails with only 1 coat but I forgot this time around. The olive creme did well with only one coat. The holo needed at least two. The holo nails in the photo have three coats (two coats, polymer on top of it and then another coat of holo). 

The holographic effect on this polish isn't quite as noticeable as the Layla Hologram Effect polish I showed a few months back. That said, I like the color on this polish. It's a nice neutral, understated holographic that will be really nice in the warm summer months.

Here's a (poor) video of it: 


  1. Holy guacamole. The pictures of Ginger are gorgeous, the video makes it even better. PRETTTTTTYYYY!!!

  2. I love the nail polish & the eyelash cutler looks divne!

  3. I was pretty happy with all of the things in this box. They're making it so hard to unsubscribe ;)

    1. I'm glad I got out when I did or else I'd still be subbed. They've had some really good ones lately.