Julep - February Box

This month's Julep box was jam packed!

Someone was a good monkey because she got extras *beams*
Several bottles of this month's freebie, Hartleigh to be exact.

In this box:
Hartleigh - heart holo glitter
Colton - cream black lavender
Becky - silk finish indigo
Illume Face & Eye Brightener

Colton on left, Becky on right

The freebie, Hartleigh

A swatch of Becky

Supposedly it's a silk finish but I didn't notice that. It's nice in any case.

One coat of Hartleigh.

Two coats of Hartleigh

And one coat of Colton.
It's so dark, basically black, but bleeds the lavender color you see on my pinky.

I've not gotten a chance to try out Illume, but it looks good, too!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great month <3

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