Kat Von D Make Up is at Marshalls

I've been a fan of the Kat Von D make up at Sephora for awhile now. I use the tattoo liner and it suits my skin perfectly. It's my go to product whenever I want a liquid liner. I've wanted to try some of her other products so when I kept seeing sighting of them at Marshalls and TJ Maxx I went to my local ones and lucked out at Marshalls.

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Little Saint

The palette is pretty and the texture is slightly rubbery. It closes securely so you could toss this in your purse easily.

Pretty good sized mirror on the quad.

The shadows are buttery smooth, though I did notice it clumps a little bit when I swatched. Also the dark shades on the right were hard to remove. It sort of stained my arm until I used a make up remover wipe.

True Romance Eyeshadow - Fever Ray

I like the packaging on this one better than the quad above. I like being able to see the colors in the palette without opening.

Love these shades!!

Again, the formula was buttery smooth and the dark color was had to remove / stained my hand until I used a make up remover wipe. Middle shade is matte, the others are satin finish.

Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick - Adora

I like that you can see the color of the product in the tube. My dislike is the bottom of it is domed, so you can't sit it upright...

I love this color!!! It does have a slightly metallic type finish, but it dries and doesn't transfer just like the Lime Crime Velvetines. I'm in love with whatever this formula is and highly suggest you try these out since they're $6.99 if you can find them.


  1. Nice swatches, those palettes look awesome!

    1. Thanks Anya!! I was so excited to snag these, that trio is what I'm going to play with next

  2. I Hope you are Having a Lovely Day Today! Kat Von D is One Brand that I Really Want to Try, and Lime Crime Too! I Like Really Bold Colors & Shimmer and These Brands are More My Style! I Bet My Marshall's Wouldn't Carry this or Everything Would be Picked Through! I Can't Afford the More Expensive Brands Right Now but I Have Found Some Great Products for a Reasonable Price! My Favorites are Milani, NYX, NYC Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, & Born Pretty! It's Really about Trial & Error and Lots of Patience Until You Find the Best Brands! I Really Hope to Try Some of These Brands After Christmas if Possible; I Have Really Wanted to Try the ColourPop Products Too! Anyways, Thanks for the Heads Up about the Kat Von D and I Will Have to Check that Out! Have a Blessed Day, Jana

    1. Mine is usually picked through as well but I was in luck with these! Hope you find some goodies :) I know TJ Maxx has a few higher end brands of make up that occasionally pop up there. I've personally spotted Kat Von D, and Too Faced products. Marshalls I've only seen Kat Von D, but I'm sure since they're owned by the same company they get a little of both.