N@N Holiday Make-up Giveaway - $75 worth of Full-sized & Deluxe samples

  • Full-sized - Nyx "Smokey" Eye Shadow Palette 6g - $7.49
  • Full-sized - Nyx Love In Rio Eyeshadow Palette "Cabana Boy" $5.99
  • Full-sized - Nyx Blush "Pinched" $5.99
  • Full-sized - J.cats Beauty Big Lip Pencil - "Caramel Mocha" $3.99
  • Full-sized - Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara - "Black Noir" - $9.99
  • Full-sized - Harvey Prince "Hello" 10ml (8.8 ml = $26)
  • Deluxe Sample - Lashcard (4 cards) - (full-sized = 10 cards for $4.99)
  • Deluxe Sample - Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Spotlight Sample "In The Spotlight" 2g
  • Deluxe Sample - pixi Flawless Beauty Primer 12ml - $9
  • Deluxe Sample - Color Club nail polish - mini "Mamba" 982 - 7ml (full-size 15ml $8.50)
  • Deluxe Sample - hey honey take it off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask 10 ml -  (full-sized 50ml = $35)
  • Sample - Juicy Couture - Couture Couture - 1.5ml - $2.95

Fans of my books

If you win, and tell me you're a fan of my books, I'll throw in a paperback, proof copy of either Stealing Chance or No Stranger (your choice). Just remember to tell me that when you send me your address :)

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  1. Go-to item are eyeliner & mascara!

    I want all that's in the Rimmel photo!

  2. Mascara and some color/shine for my lips. Awesome giveaway!

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  4. I can't live without concealer. This giveaway rocks!

  5. My go-to makeup item is blush and a touch of mascara. This is a fantastic giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  6. Thanks for this Awesome Opportunity, I'm Not Currently Able to Go Back to Work Yet b/c of Injuries Sustained from a Motorcycle Accident So This Really is a Nice Treat! I Was an Esthetician & Make Up Artist Before I Was in the Accident and I Loved My Job So Much but the Neck Pain & Headaches are Every Day & Sometimes All Day So I Could Not Go Back to Work! All the Problems I Have Had Has Stemmed from That Accident & I Thought the Pain Would Eventually Go Away but I Was Terribly Mistaken! I Did Not Have Any Insurance & I Have Many Medical Bills So I Had to Move Back Home With My Amazing Parents! I am Finally Just Now Getting the Financial Help I Need For the Medical End of Things So I Have a Glimmer of Hope & I Hope I Will Start to Get Better but I Have to Have Surgery So I Hope the Healing Process isn't Too Bad! I Have Had to Give Up Many Trivial Things & I Have Been Shopping on More of a Budget but if You Really Look You Can Find Some Cute Stuff; You Just Have to Be Patient & Know Where to Look! I Used to Get Half Off of All Services & Products at the Spa So I Got to Try Things That I Couldn't Normally Afford So it Was an Adjustment but I Know it Isn't the Most Important Thing in the World! If Getting into a Horrible Accident Doesn't Make You Change Your Life & Get Your Priorities in Order, Than Nothing Will! I Have Always Been Close to My Family & Have Always Had Faith in God but I Have More Appreciation & Respect than Before and I Don't Take Things or People for Granted Anymore! I Try to Find Joy in the Little Things in Life & I Count My Blessings Everyday b/c No Matter How Bad I May Feel, There is Always Someone A Lot Less Fortunate Than I am! I Didn't Mean to Get Off Track but I Was Just Trying to Say Thank You for Giving Us the Opportunity to Try Things that We May Not Have Access to! I Love Make Up but For Me it Was Always about Playing with Color! I'm a Very Artistic Old Soul & I Love Making Things or Expressing Myself Through Art & Color! My Two Very Favorite Make Up Products By Far are Eye Shadow & Nail Polish b/c Obviously There is More of a Color Selection and You Can Create Way More Looks than You Can With Say, Blush or Eye Liner! I am a Color & Sparkle Kind of Girl; I Love Anything Really Colorful or Shimmery & Glittery! I Would Much Rather Use Pretty Pastels, Vivid Neons & Gorgeous Jewel Tones Over Plain Old Beige & Ecru! Life is Too Short So Have Fun With Color & Textures and Express Yourself with Whatever Makes You Happy, is What I Say! Anyways, I Didn't Intend to Write a Book Here So Thanks Very Much Again for This & Have a Blessed Day! Also, I Hope You & Your Family Have a Very Merry Christmas!

  7. I Think I Would Just be Happy to Receive a Copy of Your Book, and I am a Big Fan of Make Up but I am a Huge Fan of Reading! I Started Reading All the Time b/c On My Bad Days My Neck Would Hurt So Bad I Couldn't Hardly Turn My Head So I Would Just Lay in Bed Bored Out of My Mind So I Started Reading All the Time! It Really Takes My Mind Off of Everything for a Little While & I Can Sometimes Transport Myself into the Book and Live Someone Else's More Exciting Life for a While! Anyways, Thanks Again for this Awesome Opportunity, I Could Really Use it & I am Not the Type of Person to Take Things for Granted So I Would be Very Appreciative! Thanks & I Hope You Have a Very Merry Christmas! Take Care, Jana

  8. My go-to item is eyeliner. But the rest of make-up is awesome too. And of course I am a fan of your books! I need more time to catch up with your books :D