Rainbow Honey August Mystery Bag

I received my Rainbow Honey August Mystery Bag (mini) yesterday and opened it up today. I could immediately smell something sweet and fruity and delicious. I get the mini bag because I can never go through an entire nail polish, so the mini sizes (5ml) are perfect for me.

The mini subscription is $10.00 and then $2.95 for shipping. So total I pay per month is $12.95.

Here is the info card that came with the goodies.

The mystery bag generally comes with three polishes, and a few extras. I've gotten a scented cuticle balm the last few bags, and also a mini roller ball perfume, but the body splash is new to me!

Here's a close up of the polishes. The blue (488nm) is gorgeous, and will be coming out in 2015.
L to R - and what the info card says about each.
1) Modern Hearts - A mix of peach, pink, and neon matte glitters with white hearts in a shimmery base. Colorful and playful! Have fun!
2) 488nm - A brand new (and gorgeous) solid azure blue creme, part of an upcoming 2015 collection! Let us know what you think!
3) Royal Fruits Scented Top Coat - Our well-known top coat will add a layer of protection to each new mani, now available in a brand new scent, Royal Fruits! A summery fragrance reminiscent of beautiful warm weather and refreshing summer fruits!

I had to swatch that blue polish immediately, and I wound up loving it so much I did all of my nails. Still need to clean up the polish, so excuse the ugly lol. I also wound up tossing on the scented top coat, it smells amazing and dries shiny and fast.


  1. Surprised you tried the blue instead of the glitter :D But it's real pretty!

    1. Reminded me strongly of the previous glitter given or was it the time before? I can't remember, either way felt like I had already seen it lol

  2. A lot of these boxes have been coming out lately! How do you like this one comparatively to Julep? Have you also tried Vain Pursuits? They're a similar concept I think but for skincare!

    1. I like the polish consistency and color payoff better than Julep! I'll check out Vain Pursuits, hadn't heard of them before :)