Julep - June "My Maven" Box

Julep started a new deal in June called "My Maven". Julep Mavens can now customize their boxes. 

The catch? It costs $5 more a month and is charged every three months instead of monthly and there is no downgrading once you've upgraded. They don't warn you of that before you try it out, so beware!

I went ahead and upgraded because most months I found I only wanted half of any given box.

Here's what I picked this month:
  • Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat
  • Phia - "Alluring orchid iridescent chrome"
  • Jennine - Star Dust Finish - "Full-coverage borealis blue stardust (matte glitter)"

Here are the polishes (with Editor Cat looking on):

And swatches of them (alternating Jennine and Phia from left to right):

The Stardust finish has a sandy feel to it, but unlike most glitters, this one comes off fairly easily. That's a huge plus in my book :)

I've yet to try out the oxygen base coat, but if it's miraculous, I'll be sure to post about it :)

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