Julep February Box

This month I ordered the Modern Beauty box again because it featured gel eyeliner, which is my obsession these days. Here's what came in the box:
  • Ink Gel eyeliner in "Jet Blank"
  • Eyes Sheen liquid eyeshadow in "deep bronze shimmer"
  • Bombshell Polish "Love" (multi-color gold glitter)
  • Add-on: Bombshell Polish "Kristen" (dark green/gray microglitter/metallic)
More pictures of the content.

Here are swatches:

I'm loving "Kristen" but not so hot on "Love". It will most likely go in a group for giveaways.

And the liner + liquid shadow:

I loved the brush that came with the liner because it was heavier than my other liner brushes. The gel itself didn't wow me. I likely won't use it again until I run out of everything else.

In terms of the liquid eyeshadow, this stuff will maybe be used like a liner, but that's it. I can't see wearing it as shadow again because it doesn't sit well in/around my creases/wrinkles.

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