BzzAgent: Kroger Skillet Meals

I was invited to the BzzAgent campaign for Kroger Skillet meals. The deal included a coupon for a frozen skillet meal, a fresh salad kid, and garlic bread. Unfortunately my Kroger was all out of bread when I went, so I didn't get that. But I did get a package of shrimp lo mein and an Asian chopped salad.

The shrimp lo mein was quick and easy. It tasted fairly good. But it burnt the heck out of my skillet because there were little bits of lo mein noodles in with the vegetables. I had to soak the pan for a few hours with a good amount of Dawn soap and then scrape it clean. This was great for free!

Unfortunately given the clean-up troubles, the portion size, and the cost, I would have been better off ordering lo mein from my favorite take out restaurant for $5 and getting fried rice with it than paying full price for this meal.

Here is the entire bag in a bowl:

The salad was pretty tasty. I'd even left it sitting for a good week before I ate it (I'd forgotten about it), and it was still fresh.

After this experience, I learned I'd buy the salad again but not the skillet meal.


  1. I love their salad kits but I haven't tried the noodle thingy on the photo. I think I'll just stick to the fresh one.